Would you like to give your heavenly Father great joy?  During the last Beth Moore video I watched from her study on James, Beth talked about what God might feel like when we take joy in Him.  She gave us the picture by telling about how excited her grandchildren become when they see her–they grin and laugh and come running into her arms, and the joy they show heightens the joy she feels in seeing them.

I could relate to this completely because many times in the past several months (although sadly it’s tapering off a bit now), when I’d go to pick up Little E from childcare at church or even at the gym, as soon as she would see me, she would drop everything and run as fast as she could into my arms, exclaiming, “Mama!  Mama!  Mama!”  She would hug me as hard and big as she could, kiss my cheeks, and press her cheek to mine, murmuring happily, “Mama…Mama…Mmmmm.”  With that kind of greeting, you can imagine that the selfish side of me made sure I was the one to pick her up every Sunday (and let Greg get Mr. C, who’s a lot more nonchalant about coming with us).

If I ran to my heavenly Daddy’s arms with that kind of joy, I can imagine that it would give Him great joy, too!

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