Greg is…

This picture says it all:

40 and still HOT!

Decorations were easy–I just strung up pictures from throughout his life:

We played a “How old?” game where people had to guess how old Greg was in each picture and what city/state/country he was in.  The age was harder than I anticipated–I should have let guests guess a 2 year range!  We also played a trivia game that I found online.  I had questions from the year of his birth and questions that had to do with the number 40.

Dessert was easy, too!  Greg isn’t a big fan of cake, but he loves cinnamon rolls, so we made the Cinnabons glow with all 40 candles!

I love you, Greg, and I’m so happy you’ve been with us 40 years!  Hoping I get at least 40 or 50 more with you!


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