Superhero Party

For Mr. C’s fifth birthday, we decided a superhero party would be most appropriate, as he loves pretty much any one of them.  Mr. C and Little E helped me glue the superhero invitations, which took longer than I thought to cut out with the Cricut my mom gave me for Christmas.  I love that machine, though!


I saw these superhero lollipops on Pinterest and had to include them!  Each of the kids took one home in a party bag.


Greg made the backdrop with pastels–didn’t he do a great job??


These comic book decorations were easily cut out of cheap old comic books from the used book store and stapled to ribbon.


I loved this idea from this great Superhero party–a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies anytime!


Mr. C was embarrassed to be the center of attention blowing out his candles.


For entertainment, the kids colored superhero coloring pages, made their own superhero paper doll, which they took home with accessories in a take-home bag,


decorated a foam mask,


pretended they were superheroes in their own cape,


knocked down super villains with bean bags,


watched old Spiderman cartoons,


and watched as Mr. C opened up one superhero present after another.  Since we kept the Spiderman cartoons on while Mr. C opened presents, sometimes he was more interested in watching than in opening his presents!

We didn’t get to do this last activity because it snowed, and we didn’t want to send the kids outside to get soaked, but a few days before the party, I froze 20 of Mr. C’s army guys and 5 or 6 of Little E’s Cinderella characters in cups.  After the party, I told Mr. C that Mr. Freeze had come by and frozen Little E’s dolls and that Aquaman and most of Mr. C’s army guys had gone out to save them, but that Mr. Freeze had frozen them, too.  They needed real superheroes to go out and save them!  At first, Mr. C didn’t believe me, even when I showed him the ice through the window.  He said, “No, that’s just a frozen plant, not an army guy.”  Finally I convinced him that they really were out there, and he was amazed–”They really are frozen!  Mr. Freeze really did come by!”


They were both so excited to thaw out and save their friends!


All in all, we had a super time!

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