Easy Tissue Paper Butterfly Free Tutorial

Tissue Paper Butterfly Tutorial

I originally intended to make a tissue paper flower to put on the back of chairs at a mother/daughter tea for my seven year old daughter, but as we worked on them, we realized these would be cute, easier to make, and use up less tissue paper.

First, take three or four sheets of tissue paper and fold them accordion-style together. Do this again with another color, but when finished folding, cut the long strip in half. Set aside one half for another butterfly. Cut the ends of the strip in the pattern you choose. I chose to make the long strip jagged at the end and the small strip rounded on the ends. I alternated with other butterflies, but I think the rounded edges on the long strips looked best.

Unfold the long strip…IMG_4316

And the short strip…IMG_4317

Then combine them together with the short strip on top of the long strip. It’s easier if you had the same person folding both strips, so the folds will be more equal, making them fit together better. Fold them back up again.IMG_4318

Take a pipe cleaner and fold it in half, twisting one side together.IMG_4328

Twist the pipe cleaner onto the middle of the two combined strips of tissue paper, separating it on top so it looks more like antennae.

Open your butterfly’s wings out, but be careful, because if they’re too equally wide, they will look like bow ties (which might be good for a Little Man party).IMG_4321

I attached my butterfly with another pipe cleaner to the backs of my tea party chairs, taping the top two corners to the chair to make them tilt slightly up, fanned out more at the bottom.IMG_4343

Choose what colors you like and have fun with them!



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