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Last month, I reviewed Jeannie Blackmer’s bookTalking to Jesus, a refreshing book on prayer based on stories of Jesus interacting with people in the book of Matthew. This week, Jeannie was kind enough to answer some of my questions so all of you could get to know her better!


How old are your kids now?

They are 26, 23, 21.

Any updates on them since the book?

Good question. They are doing great. Two live near us, and our youngest is still in college in CA. They are all very capable, strong, loving, kind young men (and handsome :J).

Where is your favorite place to travel during the summer months when your house is not available?

We love to go to CA. We have a property in Carmel, a son in San Luis Obispo, and good friends in Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

How have you seen God use this book so far?

I had a Young Life college leader who told me she took her small group through some stories in the book, and they loved it. She said it made the Bible come alive for them, which is one of my desires for this book.

Which is your favorite chapter/Bible story retold in the book?

I love the story of the Canaanite Woman. As a mom praying for a child, she resonates with me. I also love the two stories of the two blind men for two reasons. (Sorry for the emphasis on two :J) One, in the first story of the two blind men, they cling to each other and live life together experiencing a similar life challenge. The leadership of the church I attend frequently remind us, “nothing is done in isolation,” and I believe that is true. We are not meant to live life alone. We’re created for relationship. And the second reason I like the second story of the two blind men is how Jesus asks them what they desire. I love imagining Jesus asking me that question and praying my own answer. He longs to hear us express our deepest longings and desires.

Thank you!

And thank you!!


If you are interested in buying this book, click here!

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