Me: I can’t believe how old you are, Mr. C!  You’re going to be 7, then 8, then 9, and before I know it, you’ll be 16!
Mr. C: Are you 14 or 16, Mama?
Me: No, I’m 35.
Little E: 35!!! You’re a GIANT, Mama!  C, Mama’s a GIANT!!

Little E and Mr. C were hanging out on my bed with a few of their stuffed animals, gazing down past the headboard to the surge protector and wires down below.  A few minutes later, I saw Mr. C had just fished his animal up from the floor, when Little E said, “The bear fell down.  It was on the electrocutor thing.”  Boy, I hope the bear survived THAT.

A friend of mine introduced me to someone I hadn’t met before and told the woman my name, Heather.  Little E was listening and said to me, “Mama, tell her your real name: Mama.”

I find it hard to get out much when I have homeschooling and other tasks to finish at home.  I realized how much of a homebody I have become when my kids were shocked that we were going to go to more than one place in a day.  One day we were really walking on the wild side:
Mr. C: We’d better call Grandma and tell her we’re going to two places.
Little E:  We’re going to TWO places?!!  The zoo AND the gym?!

One day, we were listening to Toby Mac’s “Me without You” in the car when Mr. C said, “Oh, I forgot to do that!”  When I asked what he forgot, he said, “Chase the breeze.”

Several months ago, Little E was really into rules.  One day, she said, “No playing with a toy while you’re eating.  That’s the rule.  And don’t spill water on your hair.”  When I said, “Good rule, E,” she added one more: “And don’t take a piece of my heart.”  For those of you who know Toby Mac’s music: yes, we do listen to him a lot.

A few days after Little E came back from watching Frozen, her and Mr. C’s new favorite movie, she asked me, apropos of nothing, “Mama, is love an open door?”

I wrote down this last one a long time ago, and I don’t remember what the context was, which makes it a little funnier to me, actually.  All I know is that Mr. C said, “Whoa, we cut off his head!  Oh, that’s pretty dangerous.”

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