I’m constantly amazed that God cares about even the little things in our lives, that we can ask Him for help for anything, and He listens and often answers, “Yes!” I was just reading in Luke how He even numbers the hairs on our head–isn’t that just a metaphor saying that He knows the intimate details of our existence (thereby fulfilling our desire to be known fully)? That the God of the universe would deign to pay attention to every little detail of my life is awe-inspiring. My biggest daily example is my constant prayer for my kids to get good rest. Greg prays for health–I pray for sleep. And no, He doesn’t answer yes every single time. After all, Little E still isn’t sleeping well through the night. But He has answered so many times in the affirmative in such remarkable ways that I can’t attribute it to anything but Him. I’ve noticed that He especially allows them to sleep well when I’m spending time with Him. It’s as if He protects our time together so that my kids’ awakening won’t disturb it. When I put other things first, like getting household chores done or whatever else, the kids will inevitably wake up early, cranky and hard to handle. But when I put my time with God first, they almost always sleep through that time–I’m thankful for it every day He allows it.

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