Why, Little E?

Have you ever looked at your child and started asking why?  For example…
Why, Little E, must you take out every plastic baggy out of the box and strew them all over the floor…again?
Why do you insist on calling every drink “apple juice” even though I almost never offer you any type of juice, and you are capable of saying “milk” or “water”?  In fact, you are capable of full sentences, like, “Where is Daddy?”!
Why must you take off your shoes and socks in the car before we reach any destination?
Why do you think it’s fun to put your dirty foot in the plastic bag or bowl filled with Goldfish?
Why, if you are so afraid of bugs, do you pick up the ant to bring to me, screaming the whole time?
And why do you have to be so cute that it’s sometimes almost impossible to scold you for your mischief without grinning at you?

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