Why, Mr. C?

Are there any mysteries you’d like solved about your child?  Here are some things I wonder about Mr. C:
Why, Mr. C, do you refuse to eat any fruit at any meal and yet you can eat mulberries until you’re sick from the tree in the front yard?
Why do you suddenly turn to your sister and with no apparent reason, knock her down?
Why must you come startle me out of my mind every time you wake up after a nap?
Why do you confuse “f” for “s” in the word “suck,” such as when you say, “Jackson sucks the popsicle, but I bite it.”?
Why does chunky peanut butter not bother you, but any chunk in any other food present such a huge challenge for eating?
And why do you have to be so, so irresistably cute, especially when it’s two hours past bedtime, and you are still coming out with another excuse to keep you out of bed?

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