Kids Say

Two minutes before Little E came wailing from my bedroom with a cat scratch on her arm, she said, “Kitty’s trying to say no, but I say yes!!”

We had a rare event in East Tennessee: an earthquake!  Afterwards, I told Little E what the noises were and why the house felt like it had moved, and she said, “An earthquake!  Who did it?  The cat bonked it??”  After that cat scratch, I guess she felt that cat was pretty powerful.

Little E and I were on our way to church one Tuesday morning, and she was wearing a large, floppy red hat that kept falling over her eyes, so that she couldn’t see much of anything.  Suddenly, her little voice piped up from the back, “Are you sure this is the way??”

Little E:  I had a dream that there was a monster, and all of us ran to hide!!  But not C.  And not you.  And not JP.
Me:  All of us, huh?
Little E:  Yes, all of us!

Mr. C’s learning all the sounds that letters make and becoming more aware of them in the words we speak, so during letter F week, he realized, “Football guys start with F!  And 3 starts with F, too!”  Well, I guess it does the way he pronounces it.


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