One to Three

It’s interesting how I’ve progressively changed from a total control freak to slightly less of one since going from one to three kids.  Examples:

1 kid–You want to go outside?  Oh, it’s so dirty out there.  Let’s just stay inside, ok?
2 kids–You want to go outside?  I guess so, but I’ll hold on to the toddler, and you stay out of that sandbox.  No, don’t throw the sand!  Now it’s all in your hair.  What a mess!  Let’s go inside!
3 kids–Let’s go outside!  JP, look at you toddling around all over the backyard wherever you want to go!  Oh, funny boy, you’re covered in sand!  It’s ok, it’ll fall off before you come back inside.

1 toddler kid–Here, let me help you get down from that couch.  In fact, I’ll do it for you, ok?
2 kids–Ok, let me show you how to get down from the couch–be careful!  Turn around and slide down…careful!
3 kids–Look at you, getting down by yourself!  Whoops, you ok?  Did you bump?  You’re ok!

1 kid–You want to paint?  Ummm…that sounds really messy.  We’ll do that later, some other day (read: never).
2 kids–You want to paint?  Well, ok, I guess so; here we go…here’s all the protective gear for the table, the chair, you.  Oh, be careful!  I’ll just hold that paint for you.  Maybe I should hold the paintbrush, too?
3 kids–Hey, the kids are painting!  Here’s my chance to go change out of my pajamas into real clothes for the day!

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