Thoughts by Mr. C (8), Little E (7), and JP (4)

All three of my kids were watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe film. Near the end of the film, Aslan walks away down the beach and out of sight. JP looked at me and asked, "Where is he going? To Dallas?" JP: He had Cheetos. I want Cheetos! Me: You won't like them. They're … Continue reading Thoughts by Mr. C (8), Little E (7), and JP (4)



Kids say funny things, right? I like to collect ours and write them down so I can remember them and continue to laugh over them. Here are some from the past months from my three: Little E was trying to encourage her big brother, two years older than she is and yet weighing less than … Continue reading Funnies


JP was playing with Mr. Potato Head, and he was trying really hard to get the mustache on him, but he couldn't figure it out. I noticed his troubles and told him he needed to get Mr. Potato's nose. "Get the nose!" I told him repeatedly. Finally, he got up and walked off for a … Continue reading Kids!