What Will They Say Next?

Heather BockJP doesn't have a lot of fear of or repect for insects. To the shock and horror of his siblings, he's squished several cute bugs. I'm glad some of my lessons are getting through to JP, though. After he saw Mr. C bugging their sister, JP spoke up gallantly, "Don't hurt her. She's a … Continue reading What Will They Say Next?


Silly Kids

by Heather Bock Overheard: Mr. C: What is a sugar cube made of, JP? JP: Salt. Little E was practicing her Spanish on the computer when I woke one morning. As I started the day's first load of laundry, I heard the program say, "Es un cerdo!" Automatically, I responded aloud with the translation: "It's … Continue reading Silly Kids

My Kids Making Me Laugh

by Heather Bock Sweet JP was snuggling with me. I kissed his head, but it was time for him to take a bath; it smelled a little bad. I said, "I love you, but you're a little bit on the smelly side." He scrambled over me to my other side, saying, "Ok! I'll sit on … Continue reading My Kids Making Me Laugh